You’ve probably printed custom promotional calendars in the past, but have you really used them to their full potential? You can use your calendars to interact with your customers and give them a reason to do more business with you – year round! Your customers see your calendar every single day, and it can serve as a tool to give you top-of-mind awareness along with a call to action seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Keep the cycle going by recycling. On your December page, ask your customers to bring in and recycle their old calendars to get a special year-end discount and to receive a new calendar in return. It’s a great way to interact personally with your customers and to get your calendars back into the hands of clients who use them. Plus, it shows your customers that you’re concerned about environmental issues, which is good for your public relations image.

Turnaround: 4 to 5 Business Days

Starting From $470.00


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